Gun Knight Girl [Short Review]

Good evening!! Sorry for long interval since the last post.

I finished the Gun Knight Girl last week.

Before writing full length review, I would like to summarize some of my impression as memorandum.

Its story is very good, incorporating military affairs, suspense, cyberpunk, education, culture gap, of course love romance etc.
Especially, description of military affairs is outstanding.

Its BGMs are very good as well as opening & ending songs.
Especially, silence between BGMs is effectively used.

Its original drawings by Kohaku Sumeragi are very cute & erotic.
Comical scenes are also good.
Painting is also good with taste of watercolor painting.
3D graphics is also cool with good mechanical design.

(5 heroines are in order of play)
Shino is very lovely & cute. Her plain cloth is so cute that I lost word in front of the display.
Mashiro is also a good girl. In her root, we can see the secret of the game a little.
Renka is cute, clever & very erotic. In her root, we dive more deeply into the secret than root of Shino & Mashiro.
Tamaki is only adult of 4 heroines. Her virtue depends on this. In her root, the commander Arakawa shows good performance.
Sayako is cute & lovely. Her tragedy has strong impression. After I know her secret, all of her mysteries turn to love.
Yuina is a very good friend of hero. Her contribution to good mood of the game is excellent. She also plays important role in some root.
Kentaro is a good friend of hero. Together with Yuina, he contributes to good mood of the game. He also plays a role like armchair detective.
Commander Chitose is the most impressive person in the game. Her angry face is one of the best parts of the game.
Kaoru (hero’s mother) is very important character. I cannot say more to avoid disclosure of secret.
Hachi/Yato is also very important character (?).

The above is the present summary of the game.
After deeper examination, I’d like to post my full length review.

Good night & see you!!

テーマ : 18禁エロゲー
ジャンル : アダルト

Premium Play Darkness [Prerelease Information]

Good evening everyone!!
Happy New Year!!

It’s no more than three weeks to the release date of Premium Play Darkness.
I’m looking forward to it very much.

After the last post, Illusion disclosed the number of DVD media to be used. It will be three. I have not heard of game of this volume.

It means that the game will be infinite source of pleasure for those who are rich in imagination.

Good night & See you!!

テーマ : 18禁エロゲー
ジャンル : アダルト

Premium Play Darkness [Prerelease information]

Good evening everyone!!

Since the last post, there has been some news to be mentioned.

First of all, the release date of Premium Play is postponed by 1 week to January 25th 2013.
I hope this will not lead to further delay. If there is any update about it I will let you know as soon as possible.

Secondly, details of customization and H scene were disclosed.
I think these newly disclosed details mean that how long we can enjoy the game depends on our own imagination.

More specifically:
1. Almost all features of female are customizable. For example, color of skin, color & type of nipple, eye color, etc. are customizable.
2. H scene has a very flexible user interface. It allows us to freely enjoy H scene by various settings in costumes, poses, orgasm. In addition, H pad allows us to change motion of player character(s). Finally, it allows us to freely rub breast by mouse action.
3. We can play with very wide range of maniac H situations. It includes 3P, H with tentacles, beasts or monsters, etc.

Good night & see you!

テーマ : 18禁エロゲー
ジャンル : アダルト

Premium Play Darkness [Prerelease Information]

Good evening everyone!!

Last Friday, Illusion disclosed new information about Premium Play Darkness.
Briefly, hard H play scenes & movies about stages were disclosed.
Both are very promising.

Detailed information follows:
In hard H play scenes page, various hard H scenes are featured.
They include forced 3P, irrumatio, H with a giant, H on cross etc.
Women’s faces are distorted with anguish.
By their realistic 3D graphic they become very exciting & erotic.

In movies about stages, images of 5 places are disclosed.
They are a laboratory underground construction, a park, a classroom, a resident street and a public swimming pool.
They are rendered by very realistic 3D graphics & presence is great.
In addition, darkness is the basic tone of these movies.
We have not yet know what will take place in these stages.
But, I bet I can’t miss it however terrifying it is.

The above is the summary & my comment of the information disclosed last Friday.

I look forward to next information very much.
(According to its official blog, Illusion will disclose more detailed information about customization)
I will post it here when it becomes available.

Good night & see you!!

テーマ : 18禁エロゲー
ジャンル : アダルト

[Prerelease Information] Gun Knight Girl

Today, Candy soft disclosed three new graphics of Gun Knight Girl. They are two H scene of Sayako & a graphic of unknown type reinforced exoskeleton.

In total, there remains three more graphics to be disclosed. However, they represents only one-eighth of total sample graphics. So now we can grasp almost whole atmosphere of the game.

Now I’d like to write interim forecast of the game according to information disclosed so far.

Personally, Shino is the best. I confirmed it with trial version & sample graphics. I look forward to enjoying her route so much.

Renka is now my second best. Her position sharply rose because of a sample H graphic with blind & shackles. Its SM taste moved me very much!!

Unknown type reinforced exoskeleton depicted in newly disclosed graphic gets on my nerve very much. What is it? Why heroines (except Sayako!!) are going to fight it in opening movie? These questions will be very strong driving force in playing the product version.

In addition, the image of Sayako bound to some unknown mechanism in opening movie makes another enigma. What is the mechanism? Why she is bound to it? How is it related to her true identity? I look forward to knowing answers to these questions in the product version very much!!

As interim conclusion, my present playing plan is as follows:
Shino, Renka, Mashiro, Tamaki, Sayako

テーマ : 18禁エロゲー
ジャンル : アダルト



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